White Fillings / Tooth Restoration

White Fillings in the Past, Tooth Restoration Today

In the past the outdated term “white filling” was prevalent among our patients of all ages and it referred to the removal of dental caries, or “filling the hole”. Today we prefer to use the term “tooth restoration”, as it refers to an esthetic sculpturing procedure with restoration of tooth morphology and color.

In cases of caries and loss of tooth structure, the solution lies in the restoration of missing tooth structure with an artificial material, using a minimally invasive technique which conserves basic tooth structure.
The dentist performs the restorative procedure intra-orally in one sitting and without the involvement of a dental lab technician.

After building up and carving the restorative materials himself, the dentist allows them to set and harden immediately. The restoration should be esthetically pleasing, non-metallic and with long-term durability.

The Sequence of Tooth Restoration

Clinical Case #1

Figure 1 – Recurring secondary caries under an old restoration.
Figure 2 – Removal of current restoration.
Figure 3 – Excavation of caries and cavity preparation.
Figure 4 – Esthetic restoration with natural appearance using a concentrated material.

In Summary,
The direct restorative treatments are uncomplicated, routine procedures performed in the dental clinic and contribute to the patients’ quality of life.