Patients Testimonials

Einav – Welfare Coordinator at Givat Zaid

Dr. Bernard Dahan, I would like to thank you for your dedicated care for a resident of Kfar Tikva - a place and a home for people with special needs in Tivon. A Holocaust survivor, who immigrated to Israel at an early age and has lived in the village for many years, recently needed implants. When we arrived at your clinic we were welcomed with warmth and respect. The entire treatment was performed pro bono; you made sure to be in touch with me and to make sure that we felt fine after each treatment, as did the staff of the clinic. There are no words to thank you for your generosity and kindness, and your staff for the warm reception we received.

Clement – Kiryat Yam

To Dr. Bernard Dahan and staff, I would like to express my full appreciation and to convey my thanks and blessings. Thank you for your professional, faithful, dedicated, personal, and warm treatment.

Thank you for your conduct, patience and follow-up throughout the healing process, thank you for your approach, as a dentist and especially as a human being. Thank you so very much for everything you did, my congratulations to you and your staff.

Maya – Kiryat Haim

I am being treated by Julie, the dental hygienist, and I would like to note that her treatments have greatly improved the condition of my teeth.

My teeth have become stronger, and of course the plaque has decreased. She is very professional, pleasant to patients, with gentle hands, professional in her work.

Wafa – Haifa

I thank you Dr. Bernard Dahan for the excellent treatment I received, periodontal surgery for bone transplants.

Despite the complex treatment, it was performed in a professional and considerate manner, with an amazing human attitude that helped me to undergo the experience pleasantly and to recover quickly, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fanny – Haifa

I would like to express to you in writing my deep gratitude and appreciation for the work of the hygienist by the name of Yvette Tepera. I came to your clinic for plaque cleaning and root planing over three consecutive treatments. I was treated by Yvette, and I enjoyed her pleasant, professional attitude and her smiling face. She is a patient dental hygienist, and despite all my fears she managed to explain and calm me down, before taking any action in her work. I left with a positive and pleasant feeling, and for this I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart - for her conduct filled with empathy, understanding, caring, and her providing excellent service. I wish her and her family happiness, success and true joy of life, and hope she will continue to provide good service for many years.  Well done.

Ruth – Nahariya

To Dr. Bernard Dahan, many thanks for the exceptional treatment I received from you, I felt great courtesy and professionalism from you and your staff, thank you for everything.

Gil – Haifa

I am very satisfied with the professional treatment I received from Julie.

Calanit - Haifa

I am being treated by Jana. I began with root planing, and received very devoted care, at a well-organized clinic, and with a great attitude. I highly recommend for anyone needing basic gum treatments to come here.

Yifat – Haifa

I was treated at your clinic by dental hygienist Meital Ackerman.  Meital relates to patients with a lot of patience, listening and good will, things that do not interfere with her (first class) professionalism, her courtesy and her skill.

As far as I am concerned, she is unique and I have no intention of going to another. The professionalism, courtesy, attitude and service of Meital are noteworthy. I thank her for her dedicated and professional care.

Irina – Haifa

I first came to Dr. Dahan's clinic in 2007, and since then I come every three months to dental hygienist Meital for cleaning implants, and Dr. Dahan performs a periodontal examination every three months. For me, Moria Specialist Clinic is family and a warm home. This is the best clinic in Israel. Beauty, cleanliness, a talented team headed by a great man and surgeon - Dr. Dahan.
I wish everyone a lot of health and success, Irina.

Я попала в клинику доктора Дагана в 2007 году. И с этого времени каждые три месяца прихожу к гигиенисту Мейталь на чистку имплантатов. Доктор Даган регулярно раз в три месяца делает проверку дёсен. Для меня – эта клиника, как родной дом. Самая лучшая клиника в Израиле. Красота, чистота, высококвалифицированный персонал возглавляется замечательным хирургом и человеком в лице доктора Дагана.
Я желаю всем много здоровья и успехов. Всегда ваша Ирина.

Nicole – Haifa

First of all the atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxed! I would like to mention Liat and Oksana, who were so charming with me.  I usually suffer severe anxiety before treatments, and this was the first time I allowed another dentist to treat me (I have been treated by Yoram for years).

I would like to point out that it was great, I had the feeling that I could trust Dr. Dahan with my eyes closed. Thank you so much.

Robin Cohen

I have had a fear of dentists since I was very young. I was very nervous coming to your office. Everyone at your office, especially Alona, was welcoming and very comforting.  Dr. Bernard Dahan made me feel at ease by answering all my questions. Thank you for your staff's professionalism and courtesy to me. I have never seen a greater group of caring people in a dentist's office.
Your personal attention to your patients, your expert skills, and your professionalism are some of the outstanding traits that put your far above other dental practitioners.
I am very lucky to have you as my dental specialist, thank you very much once again for being the kindest and most amazing dentist. The benefits of my implants are so superior to all other kinds of dental fixtures. I can finally smile, and my confidence level has risen considerably.
One of the nicest things in the world is knowing someone cares.  And you and your staff certainly convey this message. Thank you for changing my life for the better.