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Periodontics Implantology Esthetics

The clinic was established in Haifa in 1985 by Dr. Bernard Dahan, a periodontal specialist, following the completion of his studies in France and additional training in the United States.

Over the years, more specialists have joined the clinic - Dr. Benny Retzkin, Dr. Anne Sophie Attal, and Dr. Rina Elimelech – who work in full cooperation to offer a “unique therapeutic experience”   in which there exists a synergy between striving for excellence and personal caring for the patient.

The clinic focuses on periodontics, dental implants, and bone and jaw reconstruction with a clear emphasis on the aesthetics of the smile line.

The dentists divide their time and activity between clinical practice with patients, academics, and training dentists, making the clinic one of the most prominent centers in the field.

The Clinic

Synergy of Personal Care and Excellence

The Moria Specialist Clinic was founded 30 years ago in Haifa, and today is the dream come true of Dr. Bernard Dahan.

As a dentist in pursuit of excellence who does not hesitate to introduce innovations and the most cutting-edge technologies in the field of periodontics and dental implants, Dr. Dahan has become one of the pioneers in the field of advanced dental implants.

The dentists who have joined the clinic over the years share the same medical philosophy and love for the profession as Dr. Dahan.

The clinic has one of the most advanced technological infrastructures in the world for high tech treatments, integrating high technology with warm human relations, provided by all levels of staff.

We insist on excellence for health, aesthetics and quality of life.

The Perio Team 78


Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience. We have never hesitated to renew, move forward, and progress.  We are constantly on the lookout for the latest in professional knowledge and knowhow as part of our focus on improving and perfecting our work.  We believe that significant differences derive from the smallest details.  We call this excellence.  For us it is no mere slogan: it is the clinic’s lifestyle...

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Our Story

The Team

People are our priority

The human treasure.
Our staff members are the main strength of the clinic, and we are aware that success is not dependent on any one person, but rather on all working together.
The uniqueness of the clinic is in the cooperation between the specialists and a professional and experienced staff, which provides a personalized experience for each patient.

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Science and Knowledge are our Inspiration

Alongside the therapeutic clinical practice, the clinic's dentists are inspired by a wide range of academic activities. The harmonious combination of theory and practice is the basis for creating energies that lead to the development and progress of the clinic.

The academic activity of the clinic focuses on the publication of a newspaper for peers.

There is a private academy and a training center for dentists.

In addition, there is a wide variety of lectures both in Israel and abroad.


International Laser Convention Thessalonique



הפדרציה העולמית לרפואת שיניים עם לייזר
The World Federation for Laser Dentistry - European  Division -  WFLD-ED-2017

ד”ר ברנרד דהן בהרצאה בנושא
Microsurgery and Laser Therapy, Technologies  in Synergy

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Soft Tissues Course

15-16.03.2018 | ימים ה' ו- ו'

הטיפול ברקמה הרכה באימפלנטולוגיה

קורס עיוני, מעשי ושידור חי במרכז להכשרת רופאים

מקום: The Private Academy

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The era in which a dental clinic is based on a limited group of clients and a small circle of patients is over. Today, the modern world both enables and requires a direct appeal to a wider audience outside the clinic. Here we present the involvement of our clinic dentists in the media (television, internet and social networks).



Periodontics Implantology Esthetics

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