Dr Bernard Dahan

Position: Periodontist

Dr Bernard Dahan was born in Algeria, but grew up and completed high school in France.  He was a group leader in a Zionist youth movement, and always viewed Israel as an ideal, the target for his future.

On completing his dental studies [with Honors] in 1976 in Toulouse, France, he specialized in Periodontics at the Marseille University, France (1978).

He made aliya [immigration to Israel] and was very productive in his profession in the Galilee area, then set out for further studies in Boston, USA.

With his return in 1985, he established the Haifa clinic focusing on Periodontics, and became a pioneer in dental implantology.

The Moria Periodontal Center’s current format came into being in 2000 when two more specialists joined forces with Dr Dahan.  The clinic was the first in Israel where several specialists in Periodontics worked together.  Currently, with several specialists cooperating, Dr Dahan’s medical philosophy has reached fruition.

Dr Dahan has long been a frequent participant in international advanced studies and conferences, ensuring the clinic’s highest professional levels. He also graduated hypnosis training at Tel Aviv University in 2003.

Multiple cutting edge studies in Santa Barbara, USA and in Tokyo, Japan, in microsurgery have maintained the clinic’s pioneering edge in periodontal microsurgery procedures.  Dr Dahan has recently focused on implants using the Robodent, which applies real time navigation, especially in plastic and aesthetic smile line surgery based on the MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) technique.  He is a permanent lecturer for various dental organizations in Israel and overseas.  In conjunction with the other clinic specialists, Dr Dahan prepares articles and professional publications for the MPC News journal produced by the clinic several times each year.  He is also active in the Moria Study Club and other courses organized by the clinic for peers operating in northern Israel.

Areas of interest

“It’s a pity we live just once, because I had many more plans beyond dentistry: for example, architecture, art, music, teaching, perhaps even media consultancy! I am interested in becoming acquainted with diverse cultures, traveling and learning new languages.  Travel is, for me, a tool through which to discover new horizons.

Blue is my favorite color, such as that of the Aegean Sea.  Listening to Greek music, and playing songs by Shlomo Artzi and the Beatles on the guitar, are activities I enjoy.

I am curious about the secret behind “the smile”: what the bio-physiological, social and educational processes are that cause our smiles to appear, especially when we know how much power a smile weilds.

People, and each one’s relationship with the world, are dear to me.  I believe that positive communication is the key to opening all doors.  Perhaps that is the reason for my own optimism.


Love life, because life is beautiful.

Professional membership

Dr Dahan is a member of the following organizations:

The Israel Dental Association

The Israel Periodontal and Osseointegration Society

EFP – European Federation of Periodontology

AAP – American Academy of Periodontology

AMED – Association of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry