Dr Anne Sophie Attal

Position: Periodontist

I was born in Paris, France, to a Zionist family of four children.  My father was from Algeria.  My mother was born in Paris to parents from Poland and Russia.  I studied in a Jewish day school where we simultaneously learned to read and write in both French and Hebrew.  On matriculating at age 17, I immediately commenced dental studies in Paris, and completed them in 1993, at age 22, with Honors.  I worked in general dentistry for some four years, then chose to specialize in Periodontics at Paris University.  I married a dentist and together we opened a clinic in central Paris in 1998, based on highest possible quality and service for the patient.

I wanted to further my career as a way of ensuring advancement at highest levels in the sphere of gum diseases.  I submitted my proposal to a competition for a place as lecturer at Paris University, and won it!  I was now working in the private clinic, and lecturing on periodontology to students in their fourth to sixth year of studies.  These are the years I especially love, as they instilled my burning desire to constantly pursue professional excellence.

I have participated in numerous international conferences and published in local and worldwide journals while continuing as lecturer.  While the clinic and my personal career were successful, I nonetheless felt that Israel, rather than France, was the place to raise our three children.  Initially the move was difficult, entailing learning the language and leaving behind friends and family.  We sold the Paris clinic and came on aliya [immigration to Israel] in 2007.  After six months of Ulpan [intensive Hebrew language study center] I began working in Periodontics and dental implants in public and private clinics.  I joined Israeli dental associations but also maintained membership in the French Implant Association.

I teach in the implantology and aesthetics specialization track in the Paris XI University and am a frequent participant in courses and advanced studies that ensure top professional levels.  Since 2011, I have joined forces with Moria Periodontal Center, Haifa.  I am so proud that here in Israel, too, we can establish and maintain medical and patient-oriented service excellence.

Areas of interest

Family. The ability to balance career and family is very important to me.  I chose to work independently, which allows me to divide my time between career and children.  I love my role as mother, and invest in it warmly, experiencing how my children are growing up.  I fill another role in their everyday lives by being on the Parents Committee.

Nature. Since childhood I loved being in nature.  Once in Israel, this hobby deepened, and I love trekking through our beautiful country with my family.  Unsurprisingly, I love to nurture our garden.

Sport. For me, sport is the balance to work and family.  I go horse riding once a week, and swim twice a week, once on my own and once with my oldest daughter.

Music. I enjoy listening to, and playing, classical music. The piano I studied on for twelve years in my parents’ home came on aliya with us, and now my two daughters are also using it.

Cakes.  Baking, delicious sweets, bring me pleasure, enhanced more by giving them to family and friends.


A positive, happy approach guides my personal and professional life.

Professional membership

Dr Attal is a member of:

The Israel Dental Association

The Israel Periodontal and Osseointegration Society

EFP – European Federation of Periodontology

AAP – American Academy of Periodontology

French Implant Association