It has been a long time since a dentist’s reputation was dependent on manual skills alone, and not on the help of other factors.  Today dentists have modern and advanced technological means that contribute to the progress of the clinic. Throughout the years, the clinic has kept its finger on the pulse of progress, open to innovative technologies.

By early 2000, our clinic was among the first to adopt clinical microscopes for surgical treatments, with the ability to increase the field of vision during surgery, and hence significantly improve the surgeon’s performance.

Developments in the field of computerization today enable implants using computerized planning, which improves the level of accuracy and safety during implant procedures. Thus, the "Robodent" took its first steps in Israel in our clinic.

Recently, the ER YAG laser device was introduced into oral surgery and was placed in our new operating room. This laser device has become a necessary tool during surgery, thanks to its multiple laser targeting capabilities, for less invasive treatment.