Patient Information



The clinic treats periodontal diseases and provides dental implants and focuses on three aspects:

  • Oral health in general and gums in particular
  • The aesthetics of the gums and the harmony of the smile line
  • Quality of life and patient welfare

The initial consultation (the first exam) is intended to familiarize the dentist with the reasons for the visit and the primary complaints, while providing data on the patient’s general health situation. For this purpose, the patient will be asked to fill out a medical history questionnaire – a preliminary form - on our site or at the clinic. The patient must have all required documents, a letter of referral from the attending dentist, and medical certificates and updated X-rays if available. (For gum treatment, it is necessary to take status shots, and in placement of implants it is preferable to use panoramic radiographs and CT). The clinic will scan the photographs into the clinic computer, and the patient should keep the original copies.

Following the diagnosis and determining a comprehensive treatment program, all possible treatment alternatives will be presented to the patient.

We will be sure to refer the patient back, with a summary letter, to the attending dentist at the end of our treatments. 

The doctors' and hygienists’ schedules are kept in an orderly and meticulous manner, so we ask patients to arrive exactly on time. If it is not possible to keep a scheduled appointment, please inform us as soon as possible. We make every attempt to keep to the predetermined schedule.

The clinic has agreements with most insurance companies: "Harel," "Phoenix," "Migdal," and "Dikla".