Early Detection of Adolescent Gum Disease

Moria Specialist Clinic Steps Up to Help Youth from Haifa and Surrounding Areas with Early Detection of Adolescent Gum Disease

The clinic is currently volunteering and offering its services in diagnosis and early detection of aggressive gum disease in adolescence. We are interested in increasing awareness among young people about the existence of periodontal disease and the importance of its early detection.

Periodontal disease is a disease that affects the tissues which hold and support the teeth in the jaw (gums, fibers, jaw bone); and without treatment can cause a serious loss of teeth.

One of the most severe types of gum disease is a disease that appears mainly in adolescence (in professional terms: aggressive periodontal disease), in people between the ages of 13-35, and is characterized by a relatively rapid destruction of the tooth supporting tissues if it is not diagnosed and treated. Symptoms of the disease include tooth movement, tooth loss, bleeding, discharge, and irreversible bone regression. In many cases the disease is not painful. Early diagnosis of the disease in most cases can stop its development and allow tissue reconstruction.

Our periodontal specialists at the clinic invite you to an exam for early diagnosis of adolescent gum disease. The test is simple, quick, non-invasive, painless and free.


Our patients report:

The dentist checks for the presence of peritoneal pockets between the tooth and the gums. Existence of a pocket indicates the development of inflammation.  If there are no signs of the disease, the patient will receive a written report with a summary and recommendations to the attending dentist.

Existing treatments depend on the severity of the disease: from minor conservative treatments such as scaling and root planing and oral hygiene training to more complex regenerative procedures.

Patients are free to choose where they undergo the advised treatments.

The dental specialists, hygienists, assistants and the entire clinic staff are ready to take care of all the young people in Haifa and the surrounding area.

We are here for you, good luck!