Shabtai Levi Campaign

Giving Back and Benefiting: “Likes” Donation Campaign For the Children of Shabtai Levi Home

If you’ve ever relied on the recommendations of friends or relatives in choosing a doctor, restaurant or trip, today all these recommendations are concentrated in one accessible, active place: Facebook. The common phrase "If you're not there - you do not exist" proves itself, and today more than 4 million Israelis maintain profiles on Facebook.
For businesses, this is a huge potential clientele, and the competition to remain in the public eye is great.

As part of our first year promoting awareness of the Moria Specialist Clinic’s Facebook page, we held three prize-giving campaigns:

  • All the reasons you smile – web surfers were asked to upload pictures that make them smile. The winner won a just-released Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.
  • Special experiences – web surfers were asked to tell us about their most amazing experience. The winner won two nights at the Or B’Kerem boutique guest house in Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra.
  • Be Thrify, Be a Winner – A campaign in collaboration with Colgate. Web surfers were asked to tell us how they were frugal. Three winners were selected to win a ProClinical A1500 toothbrush.


We learned from our prize-giving campaigns that we wanted to change direction when planning the fourth campaign.  In the ensuing discussion, Dr. Bernard Dahan and the clinic staff expressed their willingness to move away from awarding a prize to just one winner, preferring to focus on values such as giving, sharing and good deeds. We considered how to interest and engage our web visitors, achieve our business goals, and at the same time commit ourselves to promoting good deeds and generosity.  We developed an innovative concept: a donation campaign of “likes” for the Shabtai Levi Home in Haifa.

Give back to the community and everyone profits

The idea was simple but effective: for every “like” received during the campaign period, we would commit ourselves to donating one shekel to the Shabtai Levi Home.

We felt that everyone would benefit from the campaign:

  • From a professional perspective, we would increase exposure to our Facebook page.
  • From a social perspective, this would be a real contribution to a Haifa institution that works with great devotion in rehabilitating infants, toddlers and young children who are victims of neglect and abuse.
  • From a web surfer’s perspective, they can feel good at no personal cost. In other words, by a simple click on the "LIKE" button, they know they have contributed money for a worthy cause.

Happily, Shabtai Levi Home was quick to cooperate and to support the idea, which would gain them much needed exposure.

About Shabtai Levi Home

The Shabtai Levi Home is run by a non-profit organization that takes care of infants, toddlers and children up to the age of 7 who have been removed from their homes by the welfare authorities and the courts. These are children who have suffered from severe neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and as a result exhibit developmental and behavioral problems. They often act violently and have trouble trusting adults.

The organization operates an emergency center, a boarding school, and a mothering unit. The mothering unit is a remarkable enterprise: young mothers come to the unit with their children - usually abused mothers who come from broken homes - and in the safe environment of the Home they are counselled, rehabilitated, and trained. In practice, they gain a second chance to be mothers to their young children. 

Visiting the Home

As part of our commitment to the success of the campaign and the desire to donate generously to the Shabtai Levi Home, we made a number of visits to the Home in order to get to know the daily lives of the children and the professional staff.

Before the first visit, each of the clinic staff collected toys, clothes, shoes, and blankets for the children, which were received with gratitude at the Shabtai Levi Home.

We spoke with Adi and Odelia - a speech therapist and occupational therapist - about their work at the Home. Their treatment room offers a beautiful view of Haifa Bay. It was clear that they were not used to being the center of attention, their work revolves entirely around the children. Their humility was charming, and they both admitted that it was hard work but very rewarding.

Then we met with Hagai, a social worker who has become a real asset to the Home. He summed up his work at Shabtai Levi in a concise and strong sentence: "Our most important task is to stop the wandering journey of these little children and find them a permanent home.”

We visited the playground, the kitchen, the living spaces and the pet corner. Through caring for animals, the children learn to express themselves better, and receive a lesson or two in responsibility.

At the end of the visit, we passed through the lobby, which was decorated for Hanukkah with a large dreidel hung from the ceiling. On the table was an equally ornate Christmas tree. In this Home all children are equal. Everyone gets a hug.


Creating a viral buzz

The campaign was launched at the beginning of the year, on January 1, 2014. We could not have anticipated the amazing reaction of Facebook users and their enthusiasm for the idea.

In the first week more than 600 web surfers voted with their clicks and donated their likes to the Shabtai Levi Home. Our status that we posted earned more than 180 likes and more than 100 shares.

After only three weeks, we stood at 1,500 new likes, and our original total goal was 2,000. Officially, the campaign managed to touch the hearts of Facebook users and create a viral buzz on the web.

By the end of February, after two months of posts, stories and pictures from within the Home, we managed to earn likes from about 4,000 new followers for the Shabtai Levi Home. The total amount of the donation is devoted entirely to improving the conditions and operation of the Home, for the welfare of the children residing there. 

In conclusion 

First, we are excited to have had the opportunity to contribute and improve the daily reality of the children at Shabtai Levi. Many thanks to the staff at the Home - Chairman Yossi Cohen, Director Ruti Karp, and donation administrator Natalie.

Dr. Bernard Dahan adds that it was a great way to cooperate with an established Haifa institution and to return our gratitude to the city’s community.