The CAD/CAM Digital Scanner

The latest innovation in the digital revolution overtaking the world of dentistry is the advent of “computerized scanning” of the oral cavity. After undergoing 30 years of development, the Cad/Cam (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) digital scanner is now taking the dental field by storm.

The scanner comprises a computer and digital camera with an imaging unit and enables the dentist to virtually take digital measurements through computerized scanning, instead of taking patient measurements by means of intra-oral impression materials. It can be used for planning and designing both temporary and permanent restorations. With the digital scanner a three dimensional image can be created, thereby enhancing the precision and quality of treatment in minimal time and with maximum ease.

Upon receiving the computer file produced by the scanner, the laboratory creates a virtual reconstruction of the dentition and fabricates non-metallic crowns milled from porcelain, using a computerized milling machine. Digital scanning also can play a role in the field of dental implants. Along with a CT scan, it enables computerized planning of implant placement, preparation of a surgical stent to serve as a surgical aid and precise and esthetic restoration immediately following the surgery.

In Summary,
The Cad/Cam digital scanner is a device that allows taking digital measurements of the oral cavity of superior quality and without impression materials. In addition, it provides imaging and planning of future treatments as part of the chairside explanation to the patient.

The digital scanner is on the way to becoming an indispensable tool for the modern dental practice.