The operating microscope

  • The operating microscope is intended for use in plastic surgery, fine surgery focusing on the esthetic features in the smile zone.
  • Use of the microscope led to microsurgery, which has enabled improved clinical technique by means of magnification of the field of vision.

As a result of the increased illumination, sharpness, and field of vision afforded by microsurgery, the surgeon’s clinical skills and technical precision have improved.

Use of a microscope offers many benefits

  • Less invasive surgeries can be performed
  • Reduced post-surgical pain and trauma
  • Richer vascular supply contributing to more rapid healing
  • Superior esthetic results


The microscope allows up to 24 times magnification.

  • The microscope can be a useful adjunct in a variety of treatments/surgeries:

during periodontal surgery, deep curettage, root resections and gingival grafts

  • For minimally invasive surgery
  • In maxillary sinus lifts
  • For all types of suturing in fine plastic surgery
  • In endodontic therapy and endodontic surgery
  • In precision preparation of teeth for crowns and porcelain veneers


New vistas have opened up in dental surgery as a result of the microscope and it has become an indispensable tool in the advanced dental clinic of today.