Dr Masana Suzuki visits Israel

20 - 22 May, 2012

Dr Suzuki practices Periodontics in Tokyo, Japan and is currently considered an international leader in the field of periodontal microsurgery (surgery performed using a microscope). Dr. Masana Suzuki (Keynote Speaker) received his DDS from Nippon University, Matsudo campus, School of Dentistry in 1984. Since 1989, he has maintained a full-time private practice in Tokyo, Japan. He is an active member of the Japan Periodontal Association, an instructor of the Japan Clinical Periodontology Association, the President of the Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry (SJCD) Tokyo, and an active member of the Osseo-integration Study Club of Japan, and more.

Dr. Suzuki has published “Periodontal Microsurgery: All about periodontal plastic surgeries under the microscope”, “Therapeutic strategy of Periodontal diseases”, “Periodontology: Searching for advanced procedures”, “Aesthetic basic elements”, “Clinical Periodontal Prosthodontics”, “Dental aesthetics Part 4 – Concepts and clinical cases of advanced aesthetic prosthodontics”, “Interdisciplinary Concern, Volume 4 – Orthodontics and Prosthodontics”, and many more articles and chapters.

Dr Suzuki is also an active member of the AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry) and one of the well known clinicians and lecturers in the field of Periodontal Microsurgery.

Dr Suzuki’s connection with Moria Periodontal Center
Dr Suzuki and Dr Dahan first met in 2004 at the AMED (Association of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry) conference in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where all international specialists using microscopes get together. Since that time, professional and personal ties between them strengthened, with Dr Suzuki becoming Dr Dahan’s mentor. These specialists meet at least once a year in a professional capacity. Dr Dahan has visited Tokyo numerous times since then, and has also organized courses for European dental professionals.

Dr Masana in Israel 
On the initiative of the Moria Periodontal Center specialists, and supported by Israel’s Periodontal Association, Dr Suzuki flew to Israel for a 3-day visit. On the first day, he and two additional Japanese colleagues gave a series of lectures to the entire Periodontal Association of Israel.

Promoted by the Botzer company, Israeli importers of microscopes produced by KAPS, Dr Suzuki gave a practical course emphasizing soft tissue treatment under microsurgery. Eleven Israeli professionals practiced complex gingival grafts with Dr Suzuki and his colleagues acting as facilitators and guides. The Israeli dental professionals showed keen interest and new avenues were opened, including the idea of a follow-up course either locally or in Japan.

For the third day, Dr Dahan organized a visit to Jerusalem for the Japanese professionals. Starting at Yad Vashem with explanations in Japanese, the group then toured the Old City of Jerusalem with an English speaking guide who offered special focus on the sites of greatest importance to each of the three monotheistic religions.

Dr Suzuki’s Israel visit ended with a feeling of huge success at both the professional and social levels. He and his colleagues’ stay here changed their views and preconceptions about Israel, chiefly fueled by selective media. It would seem we have gained some new friends and supporters in the Land of the Rising Sun.