Dr Danielle Yarhi

Position: Anesthesiologist

Dr Yarhi graduated Medicine from the Paris Medical University in 1974.  Immediately afterwards she made aliya and began her internship at Nahariya Hospital in northern Israel.  In 1981 she was recruited into the IDF and completed the Medical Officers course. 

Between 1976 and 1984, Dr Yarhi specialized in anesthesiology in the Nahariya, Carmel and Beilinson Hospitals in Israel.  She then served until 1996 as the senior anesthesiologist at Carmel Hospital, Haifa.  Since 1996 and to date, Dr Yarhi became the Head of Anesthesiology at Haifa’s Elisha Hospital.

Professional membership

ISA – Israel Society of Anesthesiology– www.isranest.org.il